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Best Guitar Picks

best guitar picksDunlop Tortex Guitar Picks are now available on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon Canada

Many people tend to focus on choosing the best acoustic guitar strings for their instrument. But they did not realize that besides string selection, guitar picks will also make a huge difference in the sound. Choosing your best guitar picks is actually an important part of guitar playing.

A guitar pick is your instrument’s best pal. You use it to strum on your stringed instrument to produce sound. This tiny little thing is usually made by various kind of material like plastic, stone, wood, rubber, etc. They are often shaped into a rounded triangle and come with a different kind of thickness. When you go to music store you will find there are almost 100 different types of guitar picks displaying in front of you. We are sure you will feel a little overwhelm and confuse to make your selection.

In general, major differences in guitar picks are:

  • Material: Plastic, wood, metal, stone, etc
  • Design – grids, holes, etc
  • Size – small, medium, large
  • Thickness / Weight – light, med-light, medium, med-heavy, heavy
  • Edge modification – Bevels, rounding etc.

guitar picks holderThe thinner a guitar pick, the brighter the sound. If you use thicker picks, you will get mellow and warmer sound. As for the pick’s edge, more rounded tip usually sounds mellower. If it is a more pointed tip, you will get a brighter tone. Different materials, designs and shapes produce different tones. They also play a part in user comfort and playability.

So what is the best guitar picks? This is subject to personal preference. Many people prefer to use thin guitar picks for strumming and mediums for picking. Dunlop Tortex is one of all time favorites. These guitar picks feel good in your fingertips and won’t slip out of your hand easily. They produce great sounds too.

Our advice to you is to buy an assortment of cheaper guitar picks in different materials and thicknesses, and take notes on which produce the sound and projection you prefer. Guitar picks are a generally cheap investment and you can actually have as much experiment as you can before you stick to your best guitar picks.

Also, don’t forget to buy a pick holder to keep all these little pals in place. Have fun!

Dunlop Tortex Guitar Picks are now available on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon Canada


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