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String Cleaner

the string cleanerThe String Cleaner is now available on Amazon USAmazon UK and Amazon Canada

What would you do if you want to clean the dust off of your guitar strings without removing the strings? Use a dry or damp cotton t-shirt and run it up and down?

Many people will take a thin cotton cloth and wipe the guitar strings up and down, and slide the thin cloth under the strings as well to remove the dirt as best as they could. But they found it is tough for them to clean their guitar strings completely because there is still some dust under the strings and other areas which you will not able to get rid of. They will have to wait until the day they are changing their guitar strings, then only they could clean these areas thoroughly.

Now with a String Cleaner on hand, strings cleaning seem to be so easy than anything else. This guitar string cleaner is so convenience to use and will save you lot of trouble and time. It makes string cleaning a whole lot faster and is really useful for the impatient guitar player like many of us because most of the times we have to set up and pack up real fast.

Quick and Easy

The String Cleaner is a flat little cartridge that opens and closes over the strings on both top and bottom. Slide it underneath your guitar strings and run it up and down a few times, it will clean up your strings in a few seconds. This guitar string cleaner works just great! Plain and simple.

Environmental Friendly

Another cool feature of The String Cleaner is the microfiber pad is washable. This makes the device environmental friendly and not just another disposable item in the store. It is a chemical free product. Just wash up with soap and water and let dry. You can re-use this guitar string cleaner without any problem.

the string cleaner 03

The String Cleaner is definitely an interesting approach to an old problem. This device is simply the easiest, no hassle, no mess, way to clean your guitar strings.

The String Cleaner is now available on Amazon USAmazon UK and Amazon Canada


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