Acoustic Guitar Package

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Get Yourself An All-In-One Acoustic Guitar Package

This acoustic guitar package includes a beautiful Yamaha spruce top acoustic guitar (model F325) with comfortable FG body style, a rosewood fingerboard, meranti wood back and sides. Package also come with a guitar gig bag,  electronic guitar tuner, DVD of guitar lessons, guitar Strap, extra set of guitar strings  and guitar Picks

It Has Everything For You

Basically, this is a very nice starter kit for beginner. It comes with all the basics you need. Yamaha is a trusted brand for their quality and sound. Their guitar is well built and has a very nice tone. The DVD included in this package is professionally arranged with various lessons like how to hold it, tuning, strumming, etc. It even has a Chord Dictionary which shows various chords and finger positions for them, and a Chord Studio which let you play chords you’ve learned with a backup band. Simply awesome!

If you are just started to learn guitar, this acoustic guitar package is definitely a good buy for you. It not only gives you a great quality guitar – Yamaha, which is a trusted brand for their craftsmanship and quality,  but also provide you with all the basic accessories you need in your learning journey. Buy only one package and you will save money, time and troubles.

If you are buying as a gift for someone, I’m pretty sure he / she going to love this gift very much!


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