Acoustic Guitar String: Alloy Ratios

acoustic guitar stringQuestion:

I often seen 80/20 strings & Phosphor Bronze strings selling in music store. What exactly are these strings and what is the different between these two?


Acoustic guitar strings are made of different material with different alloy ratios. The alloy ratio we mentioned here is referring to the metals which makeup the string.

80/20 strings is also known as Bronze Strings. Their copper-to-tin (or zinc) ratio is 80/20. They produce bright sound with clear & ringing tone. This type of strings required less tension and will give you a softer feel.

Phosphor Bronze strings are made of 92% copper and 8% tin (or zinc). They are more corrosive-resistant and tend to last longer than 80/20 strings. These produce a brassier sound but stiffer on your fingers.

There’s another type of string – Brass Acoustic Guitar Strings, which their alloy ratio is 85/15. These strings are by some to fall between the above two types in terms of sound. They are also well-liked, though you might find them more sensitive to skin oils.