Best Acoustic Guitar Strings For Beginner


I got a guitar which my mum stored it for a long time and I’m thinking to buy a set of new strings. I didn’t know anything about guitar strings and I’m just started my guitar lesson. I think I need something easier to press, so that my fingers won’t hurt so much. What strings should I choose?


As a beginner, you may choose extra light gauge. These strings are the easiest to press. They won’t hurt you so much if compare to heavier weight strings.

I recommend Elixir Extra Light Strings. This string is easy on your fingers and has excellent durability. Elixir is one of the trusted name in America made better by Nanoweb technology. It is light weight, yet rugged for heavy duty use. A very good choice for guitar beginner. Click here for a list of extra light strings which you could choose based on your own preference.

A note is, light strings need to be replaced more frequently compare to heavy weight strings. So it’s always a good idea to buy a spare set, because you don’t want to have to stop learning just because you broke a single string. You may also want to learn how to restring acoustic guitar. It’s actually pretty easy than you think.

Have fun!