Best Acoustic Guitar Strings for Beginners

D'addario Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar StringsGuitar beginners always wanted to know what is the best acoustic guitar strings for them. Most newbies did not know which acoustic guitar strings suit them the best and how to choose them. Their requirements are basically the same – they prefer strings which are easiest to press, will not hurt their fingertips and produce a sweet tone at the same time. This is a common problem and solving it will ultimately lead to a much higher success rate for guitar beginners.

While we understand individual player may have a personal preference in strings selection, but in general, there is two type of guitar strings we would highly recommend to all guitar beginners.

The first beginner friendly string you may try is D’addario EJ16 Light (available on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon Canada). These phosphor bronze strings always produce a nice and sweet tone. Their price is very reasonable with the quality they delivered. For gauge selection, you can always choose the light gauge. Although the lighter the string is, the easier your finger to press, but extra light gauge will normally break easily. So it’s good to choose the light gauge, instead of the extra light.

Elixir Light Nanoweb 8020 Bronze Acoustic Guitar StringsAnother beginner friendly string you can consider is Elixir Nanoweb Light (available on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon Canada). These strings may not be the cheapest in store, but they are the toughest you could get. Elixir’s strings durability is definitely unquestionable. They are as tough as stone!

Acoustic guitar strings are considered as low-cost accessories. Therefore, we have good reason to buy a few packs of different strings to test on their playability and tone. This is why we always suggest our readers to invest a little money into both D’Addario and Elixir to experiment themselves.