Elixir Acoustic Strings 80/20 Nanoweb

Elixir Light Nanoweb 8020 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

Elixir Acoustic Strings 80/20 Nanoweb is now available on Amazon USAmazon UK and Amazon Canada.

A great guitar can be easily ruined with a bad set of guitar strings. It is very important to select the right set of strings for your instrument. This is not only for tone and playability but also because of the effect they can have on your instrument in long-term. This is why we always recommend our readers to go for the great quality strings like the Elixir Nanoweb coating 80/20 strings.

Generally, Elixir acoustic strings come in 3 major types: Polyweb 80/20, Nanoweb 80/20 and Nanoweb Phosphor Bronze. We recommend you to go for the Elixir Nanoweb 80/20 because some guitar players commented that Polywebs are a bit dull in tone and that Nanoweb coating is not as thick as the Polyweb. You will get a brighter tone, and the coating doesn’t peel like the Polyweb.

The Elixir Nanoweb strings will make you guitar sound great and lively. Experienced guitar performers love it because the Nanoweb coating is so thin that it feels no different from playing an uncoated string. These strings deliver beautiful sounds. The tones are soft and bright. The effect is just amazing.

Another great feature of Elixir Nanoweb strings is their consistency. They sound great when you first play them. And they still sound that good months later! Other strings may sound good at first, but after a couple of days, they start to sound dead. So rather than changing your strings about every couple weeks, you can go months on end with an acceptable sound from the Elixirs.

The Elixir Nanoweb strings are great for the acoustic guitar. Beginner & intermediate guitar player will be more inclined to get these strings. Because they don’t hurt your fingers as much as the other “cheaper” kinds do.

Elixir Acoustic Strings 80/20 Nanoweb is now available on Amazon USAmazon UK and Amazon Canada.


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