Guitar string for sweaty palm and acidic fingers

elixir polyweb coatingQuestion

I found the sweats from my hands seem to be very acidic as I tend to wear out guitar strings rather quickly. I put on a new set of strings and play my guitar for about 2 hours. I can see rust forming and strings started to discoloring. This is very annoying. Is there any way to make it a little more manageable?


Everybody has different body chemistry. Some people has sweaty palm and their hand will corrode a set of strings within a week of playing. This is because they having the so called ‘Acid Hand’. You may try the below tricks:

  1. Use coated strings. Most acid hands kill un-coated string pretty fast if compare to coated one. You may try Elixir Polyweb Coating which has been highly recommended to guitarist who has acid hand.
  2. Wash your hands with soap before you play.
  3. Use guitar string lubricant to prolong your strings life. Spray it on clean cloth and rub the strings down before and after you play.