Guitar String Sizes?

D'addario Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar StringsQuestion:

What type of guitar string size should I choose? How do they affect the guitar?


Guitar string sizes are also known as Gauge. They will affect your guitar’s tone, playability and adjustments.

A larger gauge of strings applies more tension to the guitar. This has the effect of giving you more volume and a more focused sound. Because of the greater tension, it will require more pressure to press the strings. However, higher tension strings vibrate in a smaller arc allowing the strings to be adjusted closer to the fingerboard with less potential of buzzing.

Lighter gauge strings cause the opposite changes. If you are a guitar beginner, you are advised to choose lighter gauge as a start. These strings are easier to press when you learn the chords. Most guitars come from the factory with “Light” gauge strings .012-.054 for acoustic guitars. If you need to buy one, you may check out the D’Addario EJ16 Phosphor Bronze Light strings or Elixir 80/20 light strings. These strings great choices for the beginners.