How to Tune Acoustic Guitar

Snark SN-2 Clip-On TunerNow we are done with guitar restringing, we need to tune it up before we start to play it. A guitar which is out of tune will always ruin your best efforts. There are many methods and tools used to tune acoustic guitars. Many guitarists could tune by ear easily, but for beginners, an electronic tuner is just what you need.

Simply put the tuner on the table next to you and turn it on. Play a string you want to tune and the needle will bounce to whatever pitch you are at. Look at the tuner indicator; it will tell you how close you are to the right pitch. Adjust the string’s tuning key accordingly. Repeat this procedure for all six strings of your guitar. And that’s it! You can easily get it done in minutes.

There are also other ways to tune acoustic guitars. For example, like using a pitch pipe, tuning fork, or even some free online guitar tuners. But again, an electronic tuner is a real convenience. You can simply use it anywhere, anytime, anyplace.