Kyser Capo

Review by Adam Hallock

Kyser CapoKyser Capo is currently on sale on Amazon US & Amazon UK.

From all reviews it seems hands down that the Kyser Capo is the most popular guitar capo. For those of you not knowing what a capo is, it is a device used on the neck of a stringed instrument. This is done to shorten the playable length of the strings. It is said to have been used worldwide by more guitarists than any other capo for guitar. It is made of a strong lightweight aluminum which is great. This makes it very light to carry around as well when it is displayed on your guitar. In addition the strength of it makes durable and you can use it with confidence and know it’s good.

The Kyser 6 String Capo can easily be operated with one hand. When using it, it raises the pitch to all different levels. This will definitely add some variety to your playing. You will find this guitar capo is very reliable. As well it makes it very fun to use, and there is no worry you will not miss a change. There is no tension adjustment needed with the quickness of the capo.

Product Features
  • The most popular quick-release capo
  • Quick-Change action allows for repositioning of the capo with only one hand
  • Spring Tension clamps maintain intonation
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While I was checking this out and all the reviews that I did look at I did see one con to the kyser capo. The concern I heard is that the guitar capo is designed to work across the fret board. When doing this is appears to apply more force than needed to hold down the lower frets. This causes these lower frets to wear faster. Yet I also did see people say that even with this they would replace the strings rather than stop using the kyser capo.

This capo for guitar can be found practically anywhere that you will find musical accessories. They are reasonably priced for fewer than 20.00, yet well worth the price for all the variety it will lend to your guitar playing. There are other capo’s out there, but why wouldn’t you want to use the world’s most popular one? Personally I know if I had to make a choice I’d go with the one everyone else likes. You will also have great success in finding these on some of the sites on the internet. Check and compare all the prices to make sure you get your best deal. There are some pretty great deals and incredible prices online. So my suggestion, regardless of how you get one, is to get your kyser capo today and you too will start to see and hear the benefits right away.