Learn To Play Guitar

Learn to play guitarGuitar playing is the most common leisure activity and awesome hobby to have. Holding a guitar in your hand, strum it and sing along with melodies, it will turn you to be the happiest man in the world. However, before you could practice your Eric Clapton or Jason Mraz stunts, there is a long way to build up your foundation and basic skills.

There are several ways to pick up guitar playing. The easiest and direct way is go to local music school for guitar lesson. You pay a certain fees and attend mass lessons with a live guitar teacher guiding you step-by-step.

However not everybody can afford a teacher financially. Some may be working long hours in a demanding job and unable to attend routine lessons. Well, that doesn’t seem to be a problem to me. You still can self learn guitar playing. There are tons of good resources available today, without having to have lessons from a qualified teacher.

To “teach” yourself guitar playing, you can first buy several instruction books. There are quite a number of good instructional materials you could get for example like Guitar For Dummies, Hal Leonard Guitar Method, Guitar All-in-One, and many more. Just browse through the product details and pick one which suits your needs.

In case you found that books are too boring to follow through and wanted to try some fresh materials, another suggestion I could give you is to look for online guitar courses. A lot is available for free, and a lot more for relatively little money. You may check out Jamorama Full Beginners Course, which is probably one of the best selling online guitar course.

online guitar courseThe great thing about online courses is the cost is a lot cheaper than with a live teacher. You could play at your own pace. Pick songs that you want to learn and preview them to see if you feel they are in your skill range. You will be more motivated and fell less pressure.

Getting started can be frustrating, I know. The progress might be slow, but every breakthrough you achieve is great. The thing you have to do with self teaching is to constantly push yourself out of the comfort zones. Patience is also necessary because nothing just happens overnight.

To your success.