Martin Acoustic Guitar Strings

Martin produces acoustic music instruments including guitars & strings. Founded in 1833, Martin still remains as one of the best guitar maker in the market today. They design their strings like they design their guitars — with maximum performance, exacting tone, and playability in mind. They know that musicians demand strings that will perform on stage or in the studio or wherever your music takes you.

There’s something special about Martin strings. They give excellent clarity, tone and response. They are ideal for live studio performance with deeper, louder tone plus great sustainability. One of their best selling model among guitarists is Martin Phosphor Bronze MSP4100 Light SP, which is a light gauge made better by SP coating. With 92/08 Phosphor Bronze, it will give you a very warm tone.

If you are looking for rich bronze sound but on a tight budget, Martin Acoustic Guitar Strings could be a great option for you. These strings are best to bring out the character of your guitar!