Martin M130 Silk And Steel Folk Guitar Strings, Light

Martin M130Martin M130 is now available on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon Canada

When learning to play the guitar there are very few teachers who are going to tell you the benefits of having the right strings to go with it, which is a pity as the Martin m130 may just make the difference that you – and your neighbors – have been waiting to hear.

Have you ever picked up your guitar and wondered why the sound coming out of it bared little to no resemblance to the Jimi Hendrix riff that you’re trying to play? Some people may say that it’s down to a lack of practice, a lack of skill, or even a lack of any sort of musical ability, but that’s not always the case; sometimes you just need the right equipment to get the right sounds coming out, and that’s where switching to silk and steel strings has helped many people out.

Many people recommend switching to the Martin guitar strings, and the Martin m130 silk and steel strings in particular because these strings seem to have a better feel to them. Silk & Steel have a reputation for being “easy to play”. They are easier to use with just your fingers and will produce the type of sound that you always aiming for, a more sort of melodic sound. There are other outstanding steel strings available, depending on your needs and personal preferences, but these Martins are tough and durable, they are softer on the fingers and easier to play, and they will also look nice on your guitar.

So, will Martin m130 silk and steel strings make you into the next Eric Clapton? Well, that all sort of depends on the commitment you put into your practice, the talent that you have to start with, and getting the correct number of string for your guitar; but switching from what you already have, to the Martin guitar strings, and especially the Martin m130 silk and steel strings, is going to make a difference no matter what your current level and ability is.

Martin M130 is now available on Amazon US, Amazon UK and Amazon Canada


Martin M130
Acoustic Strings
Wrap Wire
Silk & Steel
Light, .0115; .014; .023; .028; .038; .047

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