Martin SP Strings Review

Review by Craig S.

Martin MSP4100 SP Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings

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C. F. Martin & Co. not only produce guitar, they design and make guitar strings as well. This Martin SP strings (Studio Performance series) is one of their great launch and ideal for live performance or studio. The Martin MSP 4100 are made to deliver outstanding tone.

I bought my pack of Martin MSP4100 not too long ago. Had always been a fan of D’Addario acoustic strings, this is the first time I try on Martin SP. And I must say I’m very please with the result. These strings use a brass electro plating on the non wound strings. What you will get is a softer and fuller tone.

Like D’Addario strings, Martin MSP4100 is also very consistent. From day one I put them on my Martin guitar, they sound absolutely amazing. Is almost 2 months now, and they haven’t lost any of that perfect sound. While I slight, the Martins seems singing in fuller and more complete tone if compare to the D’Addario.

I must agree with many people’s opinion that your perfect string is ultimately come down to your guitar and your ears. It’s kind of personal preference. So I would suggest you to give Martin MSP4100 a try. Feel them on your guitar. You might found they are perfect for you. Read more reviews.


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