Snark Clip-On Chromatic Guitar Tuner

snark tunerSnark Tuner is now available on Amazon USAmazon UK and Amazon Canada.

A very snug fit for any guitars, the Snark Tuner is a solid, dependable guitar tuner. Many people found sometimes it’s hard for them to hear the slight flat tone their guitar often produces, but having a tuner that’s so easy to work with makes it a lot easier.

The Snark tuner has an easy to read digital readout, even works in bright natural light. So if you’re playing your guitar outdoor, it will work well for you. The visual metronome feature is nice and it is a huge help to beginners. Guitar beginners will like how simple the design is – it’s very basic, but has everything you need to tune your guitar properly.

Snark SN-2 Clip-On Tuner

Another very good point of the Snark tuner – it’s more than a chromatic tuner. It tunes well from any note. It responds immediately to any pitch change and its pitch indication is crystal clear. Many people who have used a few different guitar tuners found that, for the pure functionality of the device, the Snark tuner is the most solid and reliable one they have found on the market – at a low to mid price range.

So if you’re looking for an easy to operate and inexpensive guitar tuner that works perfectly, the Snark tuner is the one for you.

Snark Tuner is now available on Amazon USAmazon UK and Amazon Canada.


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