When Should We Replace Guitar Strings?

Elixir 11052How often we need to change guitar strings depends on how often you play, your playing style, your care of the strings, the effect your hands have on the strings, and the climate in the area. Due to stretching and oil, plus dirt buildup, guitar strings will slowly lose their tone. The sound of the strings is one of the major deciding factors in changing them.

Is your guitar sounding duller, less brilliant and bright? Are you having trouble keeping the strings in tune for longer than an hour at a time? Is there a lot of dirt and grime buildup on the strings? Or one of your strings has broken? If any of these “warning signs” has appeared, you may have to restring your guitar.

Many professional guitar players recommend changing guitar strings after each and every gig. Or some suggest every six weeks. Well, for newbies, that sounds a bit too extreme!

One tip to prolong the life of guitar strings is washing your hands before playing your guitar to remove oils and dirt, as well as wipe down the guitar strings with a clean cloth after every practice.