Which Acoustic Guitar Strings Brand?

best acoustic guitar strings

Acoustic guitar strings consist of many type of gauges & brands. Guitar newbie often get confused as to what type of strings and brand to buy for his guitar. A very common question pop up in newbie’s mind is which is the best acoustic guitar strings brand for me?

As what we have learned from previous article, there are four main gauge options for Acoustic Guitar:

  • Extra light 10 – 46. Easiest to play and least tension. Good for beginners but prone to producing a thin sound.
  • Custom Light Gauge 11 – 52. Ease of playing maintained and produces slightly richer fuller sound.
  • Light Gauge 12 – 54. Popular with professional musicians. Higher tuning stability. Not recommended for budget guitar due to higher tension.
  • Medium Gauge 13 – 56. One of the highest gauges. Very big, rich tone but difficult to play on some guitars due to high tension.

For a guitar beginner, there are suggestions to opt for lighter strings because it’s easier to press down and simple to play. However there’s no “The Best Brand” in the market. Choosing a certain brand is more on personal preference.

You may want to check out these popular brands in the market: Elixir, D’Addario, Martin, Ernie Ball, etc. Try out few brands and test them to find the best suit you. Personally, I would prefer Elixir’s extra light strings because it is easier to press and last pretty long. Sometimes after you changed to light gauge strings, you still find it’s difficult to press the strings down. You might want to take your guitar to shops and have it checked. Your guitar “action” (height of strings off the fingerboard) might be a bit too high. This problem can be solved by getting guitar repair shop to lower the action for you.

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